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SAJA Berlin e. V.

The website for SAJA e.V. introduces the Joanna de Angelis study and working group - a Christian spiritualist association from Berlin. It explains the working methods and pioneering personalities that are important to the association - all embedded in a calming design in the yellow of the corporate identity. The colors and selected photos are intended to convey a feeling of arrival and being at home. An events page rounds off the site.

Link boxes

Link boxes at the beginning provide quick access to important pages.


Light and the beauty of nature play an important role in the selection of photos for SAJA e.V.


Inspirational quotes usually form the end of the page - combined with a suitable image to convey the mood.


At the request of the association, it is possible to insert individual pdf pages with program, which are updated regularly.


Since Spiritism has its home in Brazil and Brazilian visitors/Berliners are also addressed, the website is also available in Portuguese.
This is implemented very simply using a plugin.


Various "About" pages introduce the different personalities who were and are formative for SAJA e.V.


A slider makes it easy to display the various works of a personality. Clicking on the individual book displays a summary of the content. Arrows can also be used to browse through the various books.

Website design for SAJA Berlin e. V.