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Individual and creative

Graphic design - for you

I'm glad you're here. I'm Christina, and I enjoy making your creative dreams come true and reflecting you and your services in their beauty in my design.
If you're looking for a partner for your next design project, then you've come to the right place.

I believe that good design has the power to tell stories, evoke emotions and create connections. Let me accompany you on your design adventure.

Whether you need a new logo for your brand, want to design business cards and letterheads, convert complex data into appealing infographics or simply need a flyer for your next event - I'll bring your ideas to life.

Every person is unique and special. So my design is also sensitively tailored to you.
After discussions and consultation, I carefully create a coherent design for you that emphasizes you and your services, highlights their special features and inspires your customers.

Let's come together and create something great. Write me a message and let's find out together how I can help you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

From logo design to flyers and infographics

My services for you

Corporate Design

Want to develop a recognizable style for your company? Corporate design can give your customers a positive overall experience. Consistency in style is the key to success here - and I'll help you make sure your corporate design is recognizable in every element of your brand.

Logo design

Your logo is the core of your brand - it should attract attention, reflect your values and be memorable. Let me help you create a logo that embodies all of this and represents you proudly.

Business cards, letterheads

Your business card and letterhead are often the first points of contact with potential customers. That's why I pay a lot of attention to the design of this "first" impression, with which you can shine and be remembered.

Flyers, brochures, presentations

Are you planning an event or just want to attract attention? My individually designed flyers, brochures and presentations will make your services shine.


From bespoke illustrations for your website to hand-drawn artwork, I love turning your ideas into visual masterpieces.


Sometimes numbers say more than words - and infographics are perfect for this. I help you to present complex information, processes, figures and organizational structures in an appealing and understandable way.
From sole traders to NGOs