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Lukas Geschwind

Minimalist design in black and white emphasize the artistic works and offers of Lukas Geschwind. The typography is just as minimalist.


The videos and photos of Lukas Geschwind's artistic work are best seen through minimalist design.
Since each project shows different images and colors, black, white and grey are the best matching neutral "colors".

Structure of the offer

As Lukas' work is divided into several areas, the topics of art and coaching have been subdivided here, which are further subdivided into subpages under the menu items "Offerings" and "Art".


A blog describing impressions and events complements the website.


The artistic work and projects are divided into tabs, making it easy to keep track of and browse through the individual projects. Image and video galleries complement the projects

Homepage Design for Lukas Geschwind - Somatic Coaching, Sexological Bodywork, Artistic Practices