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Lomi Wai massage

The Lomi Wai website takes the visitor on a journey to Hawaii, the home of the Lomi Lomi massage.
Viewers should arrive here and feel comfortable and be introduced to Lomi Wai - the Lomi Lomi massage - through sensitive texts and beautiful images and audio material.

Logo reveal video - the logo is created from the wave

As the wave movement is an essential part of the massage, the wave is present on many levels: on the one hand in the specially created logo reveal video, in which the logo is created after the wave gently recedes in the sand. Secondly, through the wave form of individual sections and as a background image.

Color choice - earthy and fresh

The color is the sunny yellow of the logo - warming and nourishing. The earth tones of Hawaii and the blue of the expanse of the ocean/waves provide support and grounding.

Hawaiian plants in the background

To round off the Hawaiian flair, the background is complemented by individual plants and flowers found in Hawaii, such as the monstera or the hibiscus.

Playfulness through details

The mouse pointer changes its image in different sections, emphasizing Frank's lovingly detailed massage room design.

Massage page

On the massage page you will find an overview of the massage offer as well as a price overview.

Tab overviews

In individual tabs for each massage offer, the origin, procedure and description can be explained and all information can be kept together without making the page too long.

Effect through photos

Photos of Hawaii's nature frame and support the website texts. Beautiful, atmospheric room and massage photos (from Bernd Eidenmüller) convey the beauty of the rooms and sensitivity in the massage.

Homepage design for Lomi Wai