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Lomi Wai business cards

Immerse yourself in the serene and inviting design of this business card created for LOMI WAI, a Hawaiian massage provider. The front of the card immediately transports you to a tranquil beach setting with a captivating aerial view of the coastline where the sea meets the sand. The gentle waves and soothing color palette set the tone of relaxation and evoke Hawaiian serenity.

A minimalist logo with soft lines and a wave motif elegantly captures the spirit of LOMI WAI, complemented by the warm and sandy color scheme that perfectly matches the Hawaiian theme.

The flowing typography adds a touch of elegance and underlines the company's focus on harmony and well-being.

The reverse features a beautifully textured, cream-colored background, reminiscent of the tactile experience of a massage. The smooth, curved edge of the card reflects the flow of water and the gentle movements associated with LOMI WAI's massage techniques. The essential contact details are clearly laid out, with the logo reappearing to reinforce the brand identity.

This business card is not just a communication tool - it reflects the calming and rejuvenating experience customers can expect at LOMI WAI. It is a small work of art that promises a gateway to relaxation and a professional service that understands the importance of detail and ambience.

Flyers and a website were also created here.

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