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INA Berlin

The web design for the Internationale Akademie Berlin für innovative Pädagogik, Psychologie und Ökonomie gGmbH (INA) picks up on the diversity of the INA institutes and brings them into a clear framework with plenty of space to let texts, colors and images take effect.


White space and black font form a calm space for the contents of the INA.
The INA corporate green of the logo is the overarching accent color for details.
Further colors result from the individual logo colors of the institutes and are minimally supplemented in order to visually underline the diversity of INA. This results in a colorful selection of colors in further details as well as in graphics and organizational charts.


The chosen fonts should be clear and easy to read. For the headlines, the trend of serif fonts was adopted, which on the one hand reflects the combination of old and new, but also has a great visual impact.

Post contributions: Projects

New projects of the individual institutes and the INA can easily be added through new post publications

Postal contributions: Information and job offers

Current information, press releases and job vacancies can be updated just as easily with new posts.


The publications of the individual years can be entered in tabs and authors and titles can also be searched for using a keyword search.


By integrating a plugin, English is simply added as a second language.

Organizational charts and graphics

Specially created organizational charts and graphics underline the colors, shapes and typography of the website and provide clarity and clarity.


Image changes, small animations, image movements and interactive images arouse curiosity and interaction with users and create movement on the website.

Homepage design for INA Berlin